Top Five Fidget Toys for School

Fidget toys-we love them. Fidget toys can help relieve stress and increase focus and attention. More and more teachers are reporting that learners focus better and retain more information if they have something to do with their hands. Good fidgets should feel interesting, provide movement for the fingers, be durable and not distract others. The following is a list of our five favorite fidget toys.zzs

 The Tangle Relax

This is by far our favorite fidget toy.  The Tangle Relax features twistable rubberized Tangle pieces with a bumpy rubberized cover. It’s durable, quiet, and people love the way they feel. It’s big enough to break in half to make two smaller sized fidgets.  A larger size version of this is the Tangle Therapy; this fidget toy is a little more expensive but also fannubby balltastic.

Nubby Stretch & Bounce Ball

The Nubby Stretch and Bounce Ball has a bumpy soft cover and is filled with a foam putty a student can quietly stretch and shape. The unique texture is soft and stimulating. This fidget toy is particularly nice for kids who need to squeeze something. However, for someone who is particularly aggressive with their squeezing you may want to try an  Isoflex ball.

zzLarge Porcupine Ball

The Large Porcupine Balls is about 3 1/4″ in diameter. These balls feel interesting, provide lots of movement and exploration for the fingers, are quiet, and the threads on these are thicker than a Koosh ball. They are very sturdy and as an added bonus they’re fun to throw and easy to catch!


toysmith pictures 113The Tactile Atom Ball

The Tactile Atom Ball has long tentacle like arms that stick out from the center that are soft and squishy. The tentacles are bumpy and knobby making it very interesting to hold and touch. This fidget toy is fairly sturdy, but if you have a student who is particularly aggressive we would not recommend it.zzs

Stretchy Frogs

What can we say; Stretchy Frogs have been around forever! They are small, stretchy, and very inexpensive making them a nice option for teachers.  They are great for students who move from class to class because you can easily put them in a pocket.

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