How Much Weight for Your Weighted Blanket By: Kristi Langslet OTR/L

yhst-13171632195427_2149_17222335As an Occupational Therapist and co-owner of Sommerfly™, a therapeutic products company, I am very aware of the common misconception on the internet and elsewhere regarding what the appropriate weight is for a weighted blanket.  For a very long time there was no research done on weighted blankets.  In order to have some frame of reference, the research that was done on weighted vests and backpacks was misapplied to weighted blankets.  This is incorrect and unfortunate as weighted blankets are used in an entirely different way than weighted vests and backpacks are used.

The biggest difference is that an individual is not bearing the weight of the blanket while standing.  That is what the research on weighted vests and backpacks tested – weight bearing while standing. The useful weight for a Weighted Blanket is most commonly more than 10% of the person’s body weight. The Sommerfly Sleep Tight™ weighted blankets  follow the current, research-based recommendations of being heavy enough to be effective but light enough for the user to remove the blanket at will.

There is now finally some research on weighted blankets.  This research was conducted by Tina Champagne, an Occupational Therapist based in Massachusetts.  She also concluded that using the results of the weighted vest and backpack research to determine appropriate weights for weighted blankets was incorrect.  In fact, she found that people consistently sought out, and were comfortable with, weighted blankets that weighed well over 10% of their body weight.

I have determined Sommerfly’s™ weight recommendations for our Sleep Tight™ weighted blankets based on the many years of experience I have had trying different weights for the children I have worked with in my Occupational Therapy practice. The weights that I recommend are based on what we have found to be most commonly effective as reported by parents, the blanket users and my observations.  Some people crave more pressure and some people like less pressure but the guidelines that I have come up with work for most people, both children and adults.


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  1. Karen says:

    Please remember that Tina Champagne’s study was done with adult patients only. We should not assume that a heavier weight is appropriate for children as well and all issues should be taken into account such as height, and weight of the person, sensory needs and size of the blanket.

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