Calming Vibrating Toys & Gifts for Autism & Aspergers

Did you know gentle vibration can be extremely calming and soothing for people on the autism spectrum?  A simple vibration toy or product can calm and sooth an autistic person who is feeling overwhelmed or in the middle of a melt down.  They can also sooth someone who is feeling anxious.  Sometimes parents and therapists will give a child a vibrating toy to help with a situation that usually causes a melt as a way to redirect the child and provide calming input during a stressful situation.  While some vibration furniture can run into thousands of dollars here are a few vibrating toys and items for people on the autism spectrum that won’t break the bank!   Vibration products make great gifts for people with autism, Asperger’s or PDD-NOS.

Vibrating Pillow

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Vibrating pillows are often nice options for the home or classroom.  Some have switches and some are pressure activated.  If you are working with a child who is particularly self injurious it’s best to try and find a pressure activated pillows with no outside switches or hardware that could potentially scratch or harm the autistic person when in the middle of a melt down.  When looking at pillows avoid shiatsu style items- the kneading action can actually cause over stimulation.

Hand Held Massagers & Mini Massage van

There are a variety of hand held massagers and mini massage items you can buy online.  The large variety of styles and shapes make it easy to find something in a favorite color or style, best of all most of these units only cost between $6.00 – $35.00 so they won’t break the bank.  You can even find animal massagers that are fun and engaging for children.

Vibrating Mitt

A newer vibration product that is working well for parents and therapists is the vibrating mitt.  This soft mitt features a soft sheep skin cover.  To use it just place the mitt anywhere on someones body and push down for instant on the spot massage.  This device is pressure activated so there is no on and off switch to worry about.  Also, because it is pressure activated it conserves battery life.

vibrating mitt

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Vibrating Toys

Fortunately there are a wide variety of vibration toys to choose from.  Often you can find these toys in the baby section of a store.  Many of these toys are soft, plush toys that are activated by pulling a string such as the Wiggly Octopus.

Vibrating Snake

Finally believe it or not, flexible vibrating tubes or “vibrating snakes” are also very calming and work well with people on the autism spectrum.  These flexible tubes can be positioned almost anywhere on the body to provide soothing vibration.  They work well when someone is sitting or laying down too.  The soft rubber cover of these tubes make them a good choice for someone who is agitated.


2 Responses to “Calming Vibrating Toys & Gifts for Autism & Aspergers”
  1. Marj. Humphrey says:

    You advertise and send emails about the “vibrating snake”
    I tried to order it and now see that it is NOT available.
    What’s going on.
    I want to order this.


  2. admin says:

    Hi Marj,
    We were overwhelmed by the response to this article. More vibrating tubes will be in stock in about seven days.

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