10 Visual Gifts for Children and Teenagers with Autism, Asperger’s or Sensory Needs

plasmaDid you know that many children and teens on the autism spectrum love visually interesting items?  So here are some proven popular items, to give you some gift inspiration to help make your shopping easy.

Plasma Light

Our Silver Plasma Light is a consistent favorite for people who are highly visual.  Everyone loves to touch the ball and watch the lights gravitate towards their fingertips. This is a great visual toy that also teaches cause and effect and can provide instant positive reinforcement!volcano

Volcano Lamp

The soothing volcano lamp is a calming visual item great for a gift, desk top toy, night light or quiet area.  Fill it with water and watch red balls shoot out of the volcano and fall gently down the sides.  A true visual delight!

hobermanHoberman Sphere

Kids love to pull the Hoberman Sphere and watch it expand from 5 inches to 12 inches in diameter. Push any hub and watch it contract! This fun toy comes assembled with game ideas and instructions.

Disco BallDisco Ball

Now you can create a rainbow of lights that will dance around any room with our Disco Ball.  The ball rotates a full 360 degrees and flashes blue, yellow, red, green and orange.

rain tubeRain Tube

The rain tube is a both soothing to watch and listen to.  Kids and teens love to turn the tube over and watch multi-color and silver beads cascade through the tube while they listen to the soothing sound of rain.

Mini Light Spinnerlight up

This small item makes a great stocking gift.  Press a button and watch a spinning light show that changes as you hold down the button.  This comes attached to a break-away necklace making an instant calming gift while traveling or on the go.

Rail Twirler

Rail twirlers are always fun this one lights up while you play with it and comes with a magnetic light up wheel that “sticks” to the 10-1/2” rail.  The magnet makes it easy to be successful and keeps frustration to a minimum!

ltimersLiquid Timers

We have several liquid timers that are calm and soothing to watch and are a proven hit with highly visual teens and children.

Do you have a highly visual gift that you would recommend for an autistic child or teen?  We are always on the lookout for great gift ideas, please share!

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