Kids Chewing on their Clothes, Hair or Pencils

Why do some kids feel the need to chew on their clothes, hair or fingers?  There can be several reasons if you are a parent talk to your child’s doctor to make sure there is not a medical issue.

Here are a few reasons children may be chewing on their clothes

Chewing can be calming.  Think about it when you eat you tend to relax.  The act of chewing can be a way for kids to calm themselves.

Chewing can also help children focus.   Students may be chewing on their clothes at school as a way to help them stay focused and pay attention.

Children may be chewing on their clothes or non-food items because they have a dental issue.  We have heard from many parents and therapists that children start chewing when molars are coming in or they have a cavity.  This can be especially true of a child who is nonverbal and may not be able to communicate that they are having a problem inside their mouth.

Some therapists have suggested that there is a connection between children who do little physical activity and chewing. The theory is that everyone needs  to move and children who are inside a lot or have trouble with movement may chew as a way to release pent up energy.

Some children may chew on their clothes because they need to stimulate their jaw muscles. This is especially true of kids who eat a soft or pureed diet.

The child may be chewing because they have Pica.

Here are a few items we recommend for chewers:

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One Response to “Kids Chewing on their Clothes, Hair or Pencils”
  1. Alice Mum says:

    There are many reason cause children chewing the clothes. That’s the human habit after I asked the doctors. Some adult still have such habit to chew something instead of pencil or clothes. No worry too much.

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