Chewelry – Product of the Week

We have been offering Chewelry for several years now.  This durable chewable necklace or bracelet comes in deep jewel tone colors.  It is designed to help kids keep from chewing on their shirts or gnawing off their sleeves!  Teachers and therapists recommend them for both school and home.

We hear reports from therapists and parents that Chewelry has not only saved many shirts, but has also helped fidgety kids focus while doing homework, completing new tasks, sitting in class or during car rides.  We also offer a”Mega” chewelry version of this product that is double the strength and thickness!

The coil design of the necklace and bracelet is surprisingly durable and provides lots of oral motor input.  However, many sensory sensitive kids report they don’t like the feel of the necklace on their neck. They feel it pulls their hair.  So if your child is sensitive to touch this probably isn’t the chew necklace of choice.

Use Chewelry to:

  • Redirect nervous chewing
  • Provide oral sensory input
  • Keep kids from grinding their teeth
  • Keep kids from chewing on things they shouldn’t
  • Help with concentration

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